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House Concert Haven


WHAAAT?? You've never been to a House Concert!

Music is ALIVE! in a room or backyard. Defined as a true listening environment, when the music starts, crowd silence is golden. Bring wine, make new friends, hear new artists and support musicians to make a living doing what they were meant to do...MUSIC!!!

^Matt Szlachetka                                                           ^Matt Brown and JD Eicher


^Jonah Smith                                                               ^Nicole Maguire

^Megan Slankard                                                               ^Tami Mulcahy

^The Jacob Jeffries Band                                               ^Carsie Blanton

^The Novelists                                                             ^Roem Baur

^Monica Pasqual & the Handsome Brunettes                   ^Teniea

^Jeff Campbell                                                           ^Tami Mulcahy

South Bay House Concerts - Kamina, Laney Jones, Sierra Hull, Korby Lenker, Jackie Bristow, AJ Lee and Blue Summit, Kat McDowell, Tom Rhodes, RyanHood, Dear John Love Renee, Evie Laden, and the list goes on......