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Kids Rock Music

Kids Rock Project

by Tami Mulcahy and the kids of Santa Rita Elementary School

All songs written by Tami Mulcahy and lots and lots of kids!
  • 03:01 Download Story Lyrics Welcome to the World


    Welcome to the World

    Take a look around

    See what you can see

    When you just slow down


    We live our lives like time is running out                

    Always in a hurry, got somewhere to be

    Checking off the list of things to get done                       

    Leaving little room for having fun

    With the simple things life offers you and me


    Chorus repeat


    I caught a Monarch butterfly in a net 

    Held it in my hand then let it fly

    Stood up under a redwood tree

    Felt so small with it staring back at me

    Then watched the clouds make faces in the sky


    Chorus repeat


    And I really like it when you notice me

    Stop long enough to ask about my day

    Cause I try real hard to make you proud

    But I do get sad and need to talk it out

    And I need to hear from you that I’m OK



    And it’s my job to notice you too

    How hard you work and all the little things you do

    How you tell a good joke

    And make me smile

    The way you laugh

    And give a good hug

    And I know that I am loved


    Chorus repeat


    Welcome to the World - Kids Rock Project

  • 03:16 Download Story Lyrics Give Some Back

    Dad and I just couldn’t wait

    Had our fishin’ poles and bucket of bait

    Trout were biting so fast it was hard to keep up


    Some were big and some were small

    Dad said we can’t keep them all

    Between the two of us there’s more than enough



    Give Some Back

    Some of it’s yours

    Some of it’s mine

    Some of it we’ll leave

    For another time

    Imagine a world

    Where we all did that

    Take what we need and

    Give Some Back


    On our way hiking home

    We looked out over the land we own

    He said, it’s more than one family can use


    We could keep it all to ourselves

    Or share some of this incredible wealth

    If it were up to you, what would you choose?


    Chorus repeat



    That’s how my Dad left his mark

    They put a statue of him in the park

    On the bottom there’s a plaque that reads

    Life’s too short for greed


    Chorus repeat


    Give Some Back - Kids Rock Project

  • 02:44 Download Story Lyrics Kids Rock

    I’m a kid and it’s my job to play and have fun

    But when I look around there’s a lot of work to be done


    So I try hard in school

    And I exercise my brains

    So when I grow up

    The world is gonna change




    Cause we can do

    Anything we put our minds too

    You want to build the future

    Here’s your stock




    So many new ideas, where do I begin

    I know I can invent whatever I imagine


    Air powered cars

    Natural gasoline

    Filters for toxic waste

    Zero tolerance littering


    Chorus repeat



    I know small steps lead to big things

    It’s up to me to live up to my dreams

    Kids Rock (feat. Annie Weder) - Kids Rock Project

  • 03:53 Download Story Lyrics When I Grow Up

    When I was little the world seemed so big                       

    And so were my dreams of what I would become           

    An Olympian

    Caught in the perfect moment                       

    A fireman saving lives                                                           

    What would it be like

    To stand in their shoes                       

    To be a hero           



    When I Grow Up

    I want to be

    What it is I’m meant to be

    I’m gonna write my own story

    When I grow up

    I want to be



    Those childhood dreams are harder than they seem            

    We wake to face our strengths and weaknesses               

    Make mistakes

    Fall down and come back stronger

    Lean on those we love

    For inspiration

    But only I can choose

    The road to follow


    Chorus Repeat



    When push comes to shove, I will do my part

    A hero is someone who becomes the best of who they are


    When I Grow Up - Kids Rock Project

  • 02:58 Download Story Lyrics California or Bust


    Word spread like fire across the states

    Hit New York City in 1848

    There’s gold there in them hills

    California or Bust


    Stowed away on a boat around the tip of South America 

    Six months of salt and sweat to reach the San Francisco Bay. 

    Hitched a ride up past Sutter’s Fort

    Then walked along the American 

    Got to Coloma on dark cloudy day  


    Oh the streets were bustling with bearded men

    I felt the Fever rise up in me again  

    I’d finally stake my claim California or Bust


    Storm rolled in and I spent my first night in a tent of tarp and twine

    Lonely as sin and feeling my strength weaken in the downpour

    I woke to a cloudless sunny sky 

    Took a deep breath and said Thank you God

    Now go do what you came here for


    I bartered for a long tom, shovel and pan

    Started at the river and worked til my hands 

    Were blistered, shriveled and weak


    California or Bust


    14 months I chased that dream 

    A fool like the Fool’s gold I found 

    I came to strike it rich or die going broke 

    and that’s exactly what went down


    I lost my will to go on 

    Left Coloma much the way I came    

    Like so many other 49er’s 

    Nothing to my name

    California or Bust - Kids Rock Project

  • 02:52 Download Story Lyrics One Story House

    I live in a One Story House

    With lots of stories to tell
    Mildred and Ben lived in it back when
    There were fields of orchards and horse drawn carriages
    And water came from a water well
    Just before we moved in
    I found a chest on the floor
    Mom cried when she realized
    It had Mildred's dance card from 1938
    And Ben's Purple Heart from the World War
    They're kids came one day to clear everything out
    And with the last box on the truck 
    They looked back at this house and bowed
    We painted my room blue
    With clouds above my head
    I remember when my baby sister
    Took her first steps and I got my first bike
    And we buried our dog behind the shed
    These halls hold histoy
    A treasure of memories
    From every face in black and white
    To every word of hope and love
    From every shingle upon the roof
    To every tear drop that fell
    I live in a One Story House
    With lots of stories to tell

    One Story House - Kids Rock Project

  • 03:36 Download Story Lyrics Go Out Walking

    Jimmy was my best friend

    But he won’t hang with me anymore

    Got himself a new best friend now

    He calls me names and I don’t know what for


    Said I was a metal mouth slow poke 

    Nobody treats me like that 

    I’d like to give a shove 

    And make him take it all back



    But I Go Out Walking

    Go Out Walking

    When my feet hit the ground

    I cool down

    When I Go Out Walking

    Go Out Walking


    I think I might explode

    If tomorrow he does it again

    And find myself saying bad stuff back

    But I don’t want to be like him 


    Yeh, I’m slow and maybe I’m different 

    That shouldn’t matter at all

    I like who I am

    And I can learn to stand tall


    Chorus repeat



    I hear my other friends playing

    And think about what I feel

    Spend some time alone and find

    It’s no big deal

  • 03:01 Download Story Lyrics A Page From Your Book

    Dear Reverend King,                    

    I’ve been reading...


    There’s a new kid in the school yard

    Alone, against the wall

    Looking around like he’s needin’ a friend

    His pants are torn and his hair’s a mess

    And I look at the way I’m dressed

    It’s easy to see why he didn’t fit in



    So I took a Page From Your Book

    Sat back and gave it a good long look

    When I read the words the whole earth shook

    When I took a Page From Your Book


    Dear Reverend King

    I’ve been thinking...


    All my friends were watching me

    When I walked over to him 

    And asked if he wanted to come play

    At first it was hard, then we had a lot of fun

    He got along with everyone

    And I felt proud of what I did that day


    Chorus repeat      Cause I...



    Dear Reverend King

    I have a dream...


    Oh that I can make a difference

    But it takes a lot of guts

    If the problem is in reaching out

    The answer lies in each of us

  • 03:43 Download Story Lyrics Fast Forward



    I want to write out my life in pencil

    Edit out all the bad parts

    Everything boring, all of the losses

    Every wound of the heart


    Skip to the last page

    To see how the story ends

    Push rewind after I find

    Out what happens



    Fast Forward to the Future

    Play it out in my mind

    Maybe I will, maybe I won’t

    Like what I find

    But the power to change the here and now

    Is a little imaginative know how to

    Fast Forward to the Future


    I don’t need a time machine                                               

    Just time enough to dream                                               

    Picture myself as I want to be                                    

    Find the right path for me                             


    Then kick back                                               

    Take the good with the bad                                               

    I’ve only got this one life                                                           

    I want to get it right                                                           


    Chorus repeat

    Fast Forward to the Future

    Play it out in my mind

    Maybe I will, maybe I won’t

    Like what I find

    But the power to change the here and now

    Is a little imaginative know how to

    Fast forward to the Future



    Think about

    Think about

    Might do things in a different way

    If we think about


    Chorus repeat                                          

  • 03:08 Download Story Lyrics Hop, Skip and a Jump

    Standing in the outfield sweating myself a river

    My feet are frozen like a block of cement

    I put up my glove and over my head 

    The ball goes and there the game went

    Yeh, we lost 4-3  

    All because of me 



    (But with) A Hop, Skip and a Jump

    That’s the way I take my lumps

    Roll with the punches, face the day 

    With a Hop, Skip and a Jump

    On the road of life it’s just a little bump

    With a Hop, Skip and a Jump

    I’m on my way


    I looked down at the ground and fought back the tears  

    And swore I’d never let that happen again

    But all my coach said just keep thinking positive

    It does the trick nine times out of ten.

    Yeh, it’s too bad we lost

    Now you gotta shake it off


    Chorus repeat   (with)



    I’ll never know my weaknesses 

    If I never lose

    It can get me down or I can try harder

    It’s up to me to choose


    Chorus repeat (with) 

Tami Mulcahy receives the California State PTA Honorary Service Award for outstanding service to children and youth.

The Northern California Children’s Librarian review-Lead parents and teachers to this CD. It is one they can listen too even when the kids aren’t in the car. Mulcahy’s vocals are clear as a bell.