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Kids Rock Music

A Page From Your Book

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Tami Mulcahy
Mulcahy/Santa Rita School


The answer does lie in each of us....  Thank you Reverend King!


Dear Reverend King,                    

I’ve been reading...


There’s a new kid in the school yard

Alone, against the wall

Looking around like he’s needin’ a friend

His pants are torn and his hair’s a mess

And I look at the way I’m dressed

It’s easy to see why he didn’t fit in



So I took a Page From Your Book

Sat back and gave it a good long look

When I read the words the whole earth shook

When I took a Page From Your Book


Dear Reverend King

I’ve been thinking...


All my friends were watching me

When I walked over to him 

And asked if he wanted to come play

At first it was hard, then we had a lot of fun

He got along with everyone

And I felt proud of what I did that day


Chorus repeat      Cause I...



Dear Reverend King

I have a dream...


Oh that I can make a difference

But it takes a lot of guts

If the problem is in reaching out

The answer lies in each of us