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Kids Rock Music

Kids Rock

02:44 Download
Annie Weder
Mulcahy/Santa Rita School


This was the very first song I wrote with kids...a group of third graders.  And Kids Rock, the Project, was born!

Over the years people have emailed me to see if I have it in instrumental form.  Yes, I do.  Just let me know if you need it.



I’m a kid and it’s my job to play and have fun

But when I look around there’s a lot of work to be done


So I try hard in school

And I exercise my brains

So when I grow up

The world is gonna change




Cause we can do

Anything we put our minds too

You want to build the future

Here’s your stock




So many new ideas, where do I begin

I know I can invent whatever I imagine


Air powered cars

Natural gasoline

Filters for toxic waste

Zero tolerance littering


Chorus repeat



I know small steps lead to big things

It’s up to me to live up to my dreams

Kids Rock (feat. Annie Weder) - Kids Rock Project