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Kids Rock Music

Welcome to the World

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Tami Mulcahy
Mulcahy/Santa Rita School


This is such a feel good song...a great way to start the day. From an 8 year old point of view, life is about the simple things, feeling loved and knowing we are proud of them. The kids also learned through writing this song, that if they want people to notice them, they need to notice other people too and share their love as well.

Welcome To The World is the featured song in a video that won the Panasonic New Vision Award.



Welcome to the World

Take a look around

See what you can see

When you just slow down


We live our lives like time is running out                

Always in a hurry, got somewhere to be

Checking off the list of things to get done                       

Leaving little room for having fun

With the simple things life offers you and me


Chorus repeat


I caught a Monarch butterfly in a net 

Held it in my hand then let it fly

Stood up under a redwood tree

Felt so small with it staring back at me

Then watched the clouds make faces in the sky


Chorus repeat


And I really like it when you notice me

Stop long enough to ask about my day

Cause I try real hard to make you proud

But I do get sad and need to talk it out

And I need to hear from you that I’m OK



And it’s my job to notice you too

How hard you work and all the little things you do

How you tell a good joke

And make me smile

The way you laugh

And give a good hug

And I know that I am loved


Chorus repeat


Welcome to the World - Kids Rock Project