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Lucky Forward

by Tami Mulcahy

  • 04:07 Story Lyrics Lucky Forward

    Lucky Forward



    My Uncle Lynwood was a country gentleman

    A Southern Baptist from North Carolina

    He lost his leg in WWII

    He’ll be the first to tell you

    He knows exactly where it is


    He was a brilliant student but he joined the Army

    The very next morning after Pearl Harbor

    His mom said your tough as shoe leather

    But Lord Almighty Lynwood, why the Army


    He wound up in a foxhole in the fields of Luxembourg

    So close he could smell German cigarettes

    And when terror reigned down shots fired from everywhere

    Those boys in Arlington, I might of put of few of them there

    Lucky Forward


    His second home became Walter Reed

    Safe in the refuge of his crippled band of brothers

    The wild hell raising toast of Washington

    Drowning memories in alcohol


    For ten years you didn’t touch him at night

    Demons plagued him most of his life

    But in a come to Jesus moment in an airport bar

    He left his drink on the table and went home sober to his wife

    Lucky Forward


    He called out of the blue when his beloved Jean died

    Hello this is your favorite one-legged uncle

    He became the dad I wished I had

    The dad I’m sure he wished he’d been


    So I wrote this down for no other reason

    But to tell another story of the Great Generation

    Where ordinary boys became heroic men

    Then home to lives that would never be

    Ordinary again


    And he’s gone now but I will not forget

    The man with the Purple Heart on his lapel

    And in his honor I do him honor

    To live my life and to live it well

    Luck Forward, Lucky Forward

    Lucky Forward, Lucky Forward


    And to the Great Beyond, I am signing off

    Lucky Forward


                © Mulcahy                                 

    *Note: Lucky Forward was the slogan of General Patton and the nickname of his headquarters.  Google Lucky Forward and you will find the infamous speech he gave to the troops before the great invasion that led to the Battle of the Bulge.


  • 04:09 Story Lyrics Some Pain

    I only let you scratch beneath the surface

    There is so much I hide

    Call me a martyr that I suffer in silence

    But that’s how I survive


    Safe inside my shell

    With my story I don’t tell


    Cause Some Pain

    It’s too hard to explain

    Hard to go there

    You had to be there

    Some Pain

    Like the deluge of early spring rain

    Flows right off the land

    Hard to understand Some Pain


    I don’t wallow in my fragile existence

    That’s my burden alone

    Outside I am the pillar of strength

    But I dream of being known


    By someone like you

    Who can look at me and say I know too





    And I need to be brave

    Take this leap of faith

    And for once in my life

    Trust someone to bear this weight of


    Some Pain

    It’s hard to explain

    Hard to go there

    But go there

    Cause Some Pain

    Like the deluge of early spring rain

    Starts to seep in and new life begins

    With Some Pain

    Starts to seep in

    And I can live again with Some Pain


    © Tami Mulcahy

    *Note:  This song was a gift after reading the book “Those Who Save Us”

  • 03:17 Story Lyrics Water Me Down


    We are born into this world  

    With a certain disposition

    To live our lives a certain way

    It makes the world go around  

    And calls to question who we are

    And hard to get along from day to day



    Ask me who I am and I’ll tell I’m a work in progress       

    I will spend my life smoothing out rough edges  


    I’m a changing picture and I’m not looking for a frame

    It’s hard to love someone like that but love me just the same



    Don’t Water Me Down

    I want to live in full color

    Free to fly

    Free to fall

    Free to laugh

    And cry at it all

    And I will drown    

    If you Water Me Down   



    I’m not saying I can’t love you like I should

    But a bird in a cage might as well be made of wood


    I’m afraid of losing me if I give all my heart

    And find our lives so close we can’t tell us apart


    Chorus repeat



    I need air to breathe

    I need room to run

    I want to stand in my own light

    Under your same sun


    Chorus repeat


  • 02:09 Story Lyrics That's My Man

    On the weekend he wears his five o’clock shadow

    Turns on the TV to whatever game is on

    Wearing his baseball cap

    He plays couch quarterback

    That’s My Man


    He needs colored tags to match his clothes together

    But he loves to dress up for a night out with me

    He tells me I’m beautiful

    It makes me feel wonderful

    That’s My Man


    He cuddles at night to keep me warm

    He melts when he holds a baby in his arms

    He laughs out loud

    And he’s not to proud to cry


    He has a hard time saying what he’s feeling

    But I don’t doubt how much he cares

    The words that he can’t say

    He shows me in other ways

    That’s My Man


    He’s a real soft touch

    And he loves me so much

    That’s My Man

     ©Tami Mulcahy

    That's My Man - Lucky Forward

  • 03:51 Story Lyrics Masterpiece

    Two people dance, one silhouette

    We’re alone on our own private stage

    We each play a part

    On a living work of art

    That will only come to more light with age


    We will spend our lives putting the finishing touches

    On the ever changing picture of you and me

    At the end of our day we’ll look back and see

    Together we created a Masterpiece


    There will be rain and rainbows

    Meadows and mountains to climb

    But love is about

    Smoothing the edges out

    Patiently painting one stroke at a time


    We will spend out lives putting the finishing touches

    On the ever changing picture of you and me

    At the end of our day we’ll look back and see

    Together we created a Masterpiece



    There will be no wall of glory

    To hang this love of ours up on

    But in the hearts of those we bring to life

    Our story will live on


    That will be our legacy


    We will spend our lives putting the finishing touches

    On the ever changing picture of you and me

    At the end of our day we’ll look back a see

    Together we created, and forever we’ll create it

    Together we created a Masterpiece



  • 02:20 Lyrics You Are Loved

    I swear there’s a halo on your head

    My little angel lying there in bed

    A piece of perfection

    From heaven above

    You Are Loved


    Each day you run faster out in the yard

    Soon you’ll ask for keys to the car

    And I’ll lie awake worrying where you are

    For You Are Loved



    This world I brought you into

    Is so much less than I’d hoped for you

    So on my knees I pray

    Your guardian angel will keep you safe


    The time will come for you to leave

    I’ll do my best to let go gracefully

    For few things in life remain the same

    But no time nor distance

    Can ever change

    That You Are Loved


    You Are Loved


     ©Tami Mulcahy

    You Are Loved - Lucky Forward

  • 03:46 Download Story Lyrics Leaving So Soon

    Went to visit my grandma

    Heard she was feeling a little low

    Her age was really showing

    God it’s hard to get old


    We walked in her garden

    Said anything that came to mine

    We held hands and laughed a lot

    Then the time came to go




    I’d love you to stay

    But oh, the young are always eager to be on their way

    The older I get, I sing a different tune

    Seems I’m always saying



    For me and my boy

    This was quite a big day

    I poured two cups of coffee

    And thought of what I’d say


    Then he stood in the doorway

    Car keys in his hand

    He said everything I need for school

    Is packed up in the van


    Chorus repeat



    It’s easier to let go when there’s so much time ahead

    And harder when the memories out weight

    The moments we have left


    Chorus repeat


     ©Tami Mulcahy

    Leaving So Soon - Lucky Forward

  • 04:22 Story Lyrics Springtime Rose


    I’d walk a hundred highways

    Chase rainbows in the sky

    And I’d walk a hundred miles in the snow

    Cause I know deep down inside of me

    You’re the one I love

    And I’d walk a hundred miles to let you know


    It’s cold in the north and the winters rolling in

    I feel something strange happening within

    Maybe it’s you or maybe it’s the snow

    Or maybe it’s the cold inside of me that has to go


    But don’t you worry about me my love

    Don’t you worry

    Don’ you even shed a tear before I go

    I’m headin down south for the winter for awhile

    I’ll be back home before the the

    Blooming of the first Springtime Rose


    Well life in the city’s got me frazzled and beat

    I need a taste of country air to get back on my feet

    It’s more than just time away its spending time alone

    And when I’ve gathered up my soul I’ll be headin home


    I love you my dear, I’ll never love another

    I’m not running from you I’m running from life

    I’ve seen all my dreams be weathered and tron

    I need a place to hide away where I’ll be safe and warm


    So don’t….


    Don’t you ….

    ©Tami Mulcahy