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Call Me

Tami Mulcahy
Tami Mulcahy/Ron Alan Cohen


Instrumental Versions available as well as a mix with vocal volume pulled back.


Call Me

There’s a place in this world you’re running off to

I don’t know where and either will you

Til’ you get there


Where a constant wind blows along the shore

And honest souls leave open doors

And music fills your heart

Like it’s never been before



Call Me

Call Me

Day or night

Call Me

Call Me

To say you’re alright


Never hold back when your heart is true

And know that I believe in you

You’ve been good to me


I’ve learned one heck of a lot from you

I hope you’ve learned something too

But there is one thing

I will always ask of you to


Chorus repeat



And I hope you have open fields to run

And may you find your forever someone

And never lose the child in your heart

Or let distance keep us apart


Chorus repeat

                                                                        ©Tami Mulcahy/Ron Alan Cohen