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I Let Go

Tami Mulcahy


Healing begins in the simple act of labeling an emotion scar. Give it a name. Give it many names. Write them down and let them burn.

#MovingOn, Acceptance, Peace, growth, empowerment, strength, NewBeginnings, healing


 I Let Go of You


I wrote your name on a piece of paper

Crumbled it up in my fist

Tossed it headstrong

Into an open fire


I watched the edges turn to black

And when there was nothing but ash


I Let Go of

I Let Go of you


Deep at the core of everything I am

Are all these little vestiges of us

I can’t move on if I keep holding on

To anything that once was


So I called each one out by name

And set them free into the flames


I Let Go of

I Let Go of you


I Let Go of you everyday

In a constant break of habit

And I’m getting better at it


I stand a little taller now

I think a lot more clearly now

And I’m finding my way

Back to me

As I Let Go of you

I Let Go

I Let Go


@Tami Mulcahy/ Ron Alan Cohen