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In Good Faith

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Tami Mulcahy


Everyone thinks this is a wedding song.  But I wrote it for my kids.   Nobody gives you a manual on how to raise your children.  This was my promise to give all that I am and all my love.


In all honesty what I feel for you scares me

I know it’s a part of when dreams come true

The weight of such a blessing

And all my expectations

I only pray I can live up too



I will love you In Good Faith

You will never have to question this vow I make

That every moment from now until always

I will love you In Good Faith


I’m wise enough to know I will learn as we go

But I don’t turn my back on my mistakes

Whatever I do wrong

I will make right

There’s no room for pride with so much at stake


Chorus repeat



From the very heart and soul of me

With all that I am and that all I will be


Chorus repeat



I will...

You can count on it 

© Tami Mulcahy

In Good Faith - Lucky Forward