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Love Is A Verb

Tami Mulcahy
Tami Mulcahy, Ron Alan Cohen


A spice of quirky and fun but with very real desire to never forget that Love is a Verb




Everything is picture perfect

In the game of life, we’re a number one team

Got our day to day living down

To a finely tuned machine


But in the middle of taken on so much

Whatever happened to that something called us



Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb

It’s a feeling of few words 

We’re in this thing together

And better off whenever

Love is a Verb


I miss the simple pleasures

Flowers and phone calls out of the blue

Romantic music with lights

Turned low to set the mood


Just a little of our old spark

I need to know I still hold your heart



It’s the little things you used to do

That mean so much more than three little words


Loves me, loves me not

Loves me, loves me not

Loves me, loves me not

Love Me


Chorus repeat


©Tami Mulcahy Music/Ron Alan Music