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Play House

Tami Mulcahy
Tami Mulcahy


Play House


Hey baby what ya want to do today

I’m thinking we just might stay

Here in our own little house and

Play House


The world outside is cold and grey

Perfect weather to hide out from the fray

I could just lay in your arms and

Play House


I’m feeling chocolate pancakes

Bring em’ on back here to bed

Turn on cartoons and laugh like two kids with nothing to do

But lie around all morning til it’s afternoon.


Champagne and OJ

Kick off time is 2:28

Let’s push record and make our own



In slow mo….


Hey baby I just gotta say

I could spend my whole life this way

Here’s hoping someday

We’ll have 2 maybe 3

Little kids to play


Here is our own little

Play House

Play House


Here in our own little

Play House