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That's My Man

Tami Mulcahy
Tami Mulcahy


This honors the non stop drone of ESPN in my living room!!


On the weekend he wears his five o’clock shadow

Turns on the TV to whatever game is on

Wearing his baseball cap

He plays couch quarterback

That’s My Man


He needs colored tags to match his clothes together

But he loves to dress up for a night out with me

He tells me I’m beautiful

It makes me feel wonderful

That’s My Man


He cuddles at night to keep me warm

He melts when he holds a baby in his arms

He laughs out loud

And he’s not to proud to cry


He has a hard time saying what he’s feeling

But I don’t doubt how much he cares

The words that he can’t say

He shows me in other ways

That’s My Man


He’s a real soft touch

And he loves me so much

That’s My Man

 ©Tami Mulcahy

That's My Man - Lucky Forward