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The Wondering

Tami Mulcahy
Tami Mulcahy/Ron Alan Cohen


In moments of quiet

Nothing in the stillness 

My mind starts to wander

And lands on you


I pick apart the details

Put them back together

The ending doesn’t change

But I move on

More quickly than I used to



I no longer yearn for you in the night

I’ve learned to live without you in my life

After all I’ve done

To heal my heart

The Wondering

Is the hardest part


In moments of weakness 

I pick up the phone to call

That would be just crazy

You’re the one who left me


Trying to find clarity                                      

A cosmic understanding                                              

Of the other world happening

Inside you             

I couldn’t see 


Chorus repeat 



In moments like this

I hope you’re OK

I wouldn’t want it any other way

Just know I think of you  

And I wonder

If do you ever wonder too


Chorus repeat


©Tami Mulcahy/Ron Alan Cohen

Tami Mulcahy Music/Ron Alan Music ASCAP  650-303-7686